take a dip

i know i've been slacking on the outfit posts lately. i have a large amount planned for you i just have to get them off my camera. it's been a busy couple of days but i promise, no more neglecting. i have collected so many cool editorials for you all and they are seriously cluttering up my desktop. i'm not going to lie, it gives me a bit of anxiety seeing it so cramped, i am slightly anal about organization, so here's one more before i get back to an outfit look. i posted kate at the beach all young and fresh last time so this time i went a little darker. this is from w magazine august 2008. entitled swim and shot by paolo roversi. the model is his muse, guinevere van seenus. i love the first suit so much. blazing.


Stephanie said...

Oh! the first and the third are sooo hot!
man, I wish I could pull of the third!

I can't believe you don't have salvation armies!

And I TOTALLY know what you mean about a desktop full of images- i hate desktop clutter.
It makes me slightly anxious as well.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

There photos are great! I hope you catch up on your photo clutter!

Mel said...

hi cindy!! thanks so much for liking my blog :) i'm totally in love with yours! these images are amazing! xx