if only

when it comes to designer shoes, my heart always belongs to chloe.
owning and affording them has eluded me but they have always stood out as the shoes i aspired to have.

there have been so many great styles but nothing compares to the shoes that came out for fall 06. i would die if i was able to get my hand on a pair. if any of my lovely readers happen upon any of the below in a size 9/39 please let me know. i love the lace ups,the buckles, the wooden platforms and the vintage look of them.

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bri. said...

god so true. they are little drops from heaven honestly.

i love your aesthetic!!!!

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Glamour Bbey said...

Lovely shoes!

Lainey said...

I love Chloe shoes too. But I'm more obsessed with their bags!

Emma said...

I could not agree more. they are always perfect.