they have arrived!

a little heads up. the marc by marc jacobs swallow bags have arrived for pre-order at bloomingdales.com.
unfortunatley, they do not ship to canada so i can't get my hands on one just yet. other wise i'd be having a tough time trying to decide between the sasha and the pouchette. i love the niagra colour! hopefully, they'll show up on a canada friendly site or at holts soon.

sasha: black, brown or niagra blue $498
pouchette: brown or niagra blue $198
evie hobo (not pictured): black or rust $548

unrelated note*** i just finished watching the remake of the last house on the left and it was so good. more of a thriller than a horror movie, it was scary, intense and had great performances. i loved sara paxton in it and monica potter and tony goldwyn who played her parents. it was so gory/disturbing at one point (kitchen sink scene)  i was physically shaking and felt sick. i don't think i've liked a wes craven movie so much since scream (one of my favourite films, "hello sydney"). i'm glad i didn't watch it at the extremely remote lakeside cottage i was at two weeks ago, i'd be too scared to sleep tonight.


Jowy said...

Love tha bags!

One Love,

Stephanie said...

lady! cant you snag one in NYC?

just heard about this site: http://borderlinx.com/
As a third party that acts as your US address and then ships your package to you.

I think there are some Topshop purchases in my future!


Anonymous said...

Omg I'm dying. I can't choose!