mission winter c o a t = the aritzia military parka

dearest aritzia,
i love your tna military parka.
i would like one please.
army green + size small.

when will they be in stores???

listening: n.w.a. gangsta gangsta
smelling: fresh balsam pine cone candle from bath and body works
wearing: gosh nail varnish in wild lilac and all my pretty gifts from portugal (video haul on this all soon).


Runaway Gallery said...

I know I agree. I was so against everyone falling for Megan Fox and now I'm one of them! She's oddly endearing.

I love your photos here also! The picture of teh girl with the fur-colllared-coat with the YSL boots is amazing

Just Angie said...



andwhatelseisthere said...

Love the look of the first two photos.Cool


Aritzia said...

Dear True North Style -

Aritzia here and we wanted to say that we find ourselves regularly checking out your blog!

The TNA military parka will be available between November 1st and 15th. You can special order one with any TNA or Aritzia store to make sure your size & colour isn't sold out as soon as it hits the floor.

Glad you love the new parka! We'll be back to check you out soon.

xo. Aritzia

Cindy said...

yeah. thanks for the info. i will def. order one....

Sam said...

Dear Aritzia / True North Style

Is all hope of getting one of these parkas gone? Eager beaver in London, UK...


Cindy said...

hey sam. i'm pretty sure these coats are done for the year. the good thing is that they do a version of the military parka every year so next oct/nov. you should try and get your hands on one. aritzia is currently putting together an online shop so maybe they'll even ship to the uk.

if you want to make sure they are out of stock you may want to check out their twitter or blog and ask someone there directly. the link to the blog is on my sidebar.