great look: plaid cropped pants, tough oxfords, paisley scarf, slouch.
love the texture and drape of the sweater/scarf combo
love the taylor/kstew combo
tribs and the perfect fur collared jacket
f r e e d o m
hot moss and pink roses
the perfect nirvana/twilight-true blood-vampire diaries-ash redfern t-shirt hybrid
pretty pretty zanita, a perfect picture.
skinny skinny black with big big knit + great hair

all the things on my desktop with no categories or themes, just goodness.
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Casey said...

AHHH you just named like all the vampire books i am lovin this year! did you know that vampire diaries is a tv series now?

Antonia said...

LOVE this. Deff inspiration for my f/w wardrobe!



Anonymous said...

I love the first scarf!

CRISTA said...

love this post!!!! especially the 1st and 4th pictures!!!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

your randoms are ultra lovely, esp the first lady-I LOOOOVE this outfit!

jess ss//

ps//your side photos are lovely as well, Sienna is the best

stylista said...

Those pictures are all amazing! I love the outfit in the last one especially. Check out my blog at http://allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

kirstyb said...

cute post - love the shoes in the first pic xxx

photos de Mode said...

amazing pics!!
xx. /pdM

Nubiasnonsense said...

The firat scarf looks awesome and that bag is great too.

Vampires are totally taking over and I love it. nice blog

Song of Style said...

love the first look.