a classic sienna piece. her vanilla fur vest.
it's one of those items that really lauched her as a style icon.
the aviator picture is from the set of alfie and the night shot is some time after.
i love that she's loyal to her favourite pieces. in fact she often still wears that black balenciaga.
src. siennaweb, tfs.


Style Crusader said...

love that fur vest, totally classic piece.. hoping to find something like that for the fall!

Stephanie said...

love starlets who are loyal to awesome pieces as well. seriously you're rekindling my love for Sienna lately!! My favourite Nylon cover might be the Feb one from a few years ago where she's wearing the floral docs and i loveeeeeeee factory girl to no end.


LAYNE said...

ur so right. she is very loyal with her key pieces.

love her. I love that u love her just a much!


Lainey said...

Yes, I'm still very much lusting over these...