alexa's top make up picks

my sephora shopping list.


Ashwini said...

Oh I want the touche eclat already! I've heard so man good things about it!

N.V said...

I Love your blog, and your outfits, check out monagendademode.blogspot.com

Cheers :)

LF said...

just bought this mascara couple weeks ago. its nice, but you def have to have a separate eyelash wand to separate and de-clump. and the bottle is so retro.

jess s//

Anonymous said...

I may have to go on a little makeup shopping spree!

bryna said...

i love her picks!

Stephanie said...

I saw the blue velvet ones as well :) i tried on like three pairs at the miu miu store on 58th and madison (love the shoe section there and the blush plush carpeting!) but i just didn't love any enough to buy them.
the topshop ones are just perfect.
you're gonna die though because when i read your bit about the blue bow velvet flats i thought of the bag i just got: it's the miu miu oversized velour navy clutch with champagne/silver silk lining and the big bow. i loveeeeee it. and i love net a porter: everything comes so fast and duty's included (though it made me realize you pay WAY more duty via online shopping than at the airport customs). i ordered that and a gorgeous champagne silk/bordeaux lace bra.

the givenchys online are incredible: black textured leather strappy sandal with a massive feathered piece from the toe strap up the foot's arch. but i refuse to settle on a shoe that costs $$$ and isn't my size.


Veronicahhh said...


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

nice! =)


Unknown said...

i really like alexa's style.and her make up is always simple and edgy.nice post !

Veronicahhh said...

ok so update: after reading this and going by mac, i totally checked out the paint pot she mentioned, constructivist, and IT IS AMAZING. her choices are dead on. thanks for posting this. xoxo

O'STYLE said...

I use touch ├ęclat too!

It's perfect to illuminate the look!


Marta from With Love... said...

I must try the cream blush...I've heard amazing things about it :)

Stephanie said...

I think ive checked your blog seven times today alone for an update lol!

miss you lady! xx

Stephanie said...

thanks for the roz bell FYI ;)

ihear you on the post NYC downtime: I came back with the flu! they thought I might have H1N1- thank god it wasn't!
I stayed home from work all last week with fever and the whole flu kit- even had to miss ny god daughters baptism yesterday because she's only a month a half old and her mom didn't want to risk exposing her to my illness :(

still trying to figure out a way to go back to NYC in the spring and not come back sick and/or exhausted! the citys a cause for way touch running around!
dud use the week offto catch up on entourage DVDs and watch Valentino: the last emperor :)

feel better soon lady xx

Signe said...

I want exactly that too.