i can smell the sunlight on your skin

a little throwback to summer. i actually wore this at the end of september, but it turned cold very quickly after this. a love this colour combination, the white and navy mixed with the bright yellow. it's so fresh and nautical.
i know that i've been slacking on the posts lately, but i'm up in port elgin again and i have to go to the coffee shop to use the internet. add that to nyc exhaustion, working and finally buying true blood on dvd you can start to see why i haven't felt like blogging. i have literally 20 posts to put up over the next few days though so come back and check those out.
cardi: alternative apparel, dress: zara, shoes: topshop, ring:ysl


Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I too love this look.It's been always my favorite.
Very classic chic! X0X0

photos de Mode said...

oh that dress looks so adorable on you, awesome outfit girl!!
xx. /pdM

Glamour Bbey. said...

Both are great looks!

Stephanie said...

You look amazing- as always :) but the yellow and nautical stripes look phenomenal on you! love the yellow esp. with the tan.

you're gorgeous lady!


Antonio Barros said...

Lovely outfit!!!


Alexa said...

Oh god, RING envy. It's so beautiful.

Rackk and Ruin said...

there is nothing better than blue and white stripes!! i miss summer already. burrr

Lily said...

whoa. you have amazing legs. you should keep them bare more often, and put them in heels. fuck i sound like a MAJOR creeper. and all of these short sentences aren't helping. oh well.