apple loves mulberry

just announced, mulberry and apple are teaming up for a line of computer and ipod bags.
i can't wait to wrap all my favourite mac items in luxury mulberry.
the laptop sleeves may be a bit pricy but it's so worth it to have a pink leopard print home for my macbook. mark your calenders, nov. 1st on apple.com and dec. 1st on mulberry.com.
i think i just found the #1 wish on my christmas list.
for more info click here.


M a z p e said...

hmmm i just should switch to Apppleee


Stephanie said...

I totally thought of you when i saw this! how awesome is the iphone case...kinda love it!


Lily said...

uuuggh thank you for posting this! actually i hate you and love you for posting this because i can't get enough of them, and i spent the last of my money on the ninewest iceage platforms. fuck. these are so amazing.

J. said...

Oooh, love these!

sabrina said...

yeah, a bayswater for my mac.


Cute accessories... not too many on the market wen i was shopping [I got LV pouch for my Itouch devices...]