porgy and s.

sienna is such a good dog momma.
always walking porgy around nyc.
now back to vinnie, e, turtle and drama. i'm doing a little entourage marathon.
i'm hooked again after my nyc food poisoning lie in, which was made a little better as the entire season six was playing on hbo that night. now i'm catching up on the past seasons.


Sabrina said...

she looks pretty as usual

Stephanie said...

OMGOD were totally on the same page lol! ive been entourage marathoning it since last week lol! i just scoured itunes for seaosn 6. not up yet. I always have sunday dinner so i missed the entire season, but these past few weeks, i havent had it so ive been able to catch the episodes.

how h o t is Emmanuelle (Sloane)?!! i know she got implants and im so not a fan of p.surgery, but nonetheless, she's gorgeous on camera. her look doesnt translate as much in pictures.


Stephanie said...

Oh! and i almost forgot lol1 love this prada bag she's carrying as it's so similar to my miu miu (which makes sense) bag in shape and colour. only hers isn't ruined by the rain ;(.


fashionfreaks said...

Such a great outfit!

Xxxxxx. J