beach bride

♥ my favourite kate moss burberry ad ever ♥
u n f o r g e t t a b l e


Antonio Barros said...

Wooow! She looks hot! :)


Mila said...

Wow it is amazing!!!

Stephanie said...

ive never seen this ad. it's perfect!
vintage kate is just insatiable.

my friend and i were debating about the paris vogue editorial (that was rampant on the blogs recently) over whether or not we thought she'd done her time. i love kate, but sometimes, i think she should just call it a day, or something.


sweaty said...

agreed! looooooove this ad... and looooooove yer blog!

j-shan said...

this pic is soooo great!
this pic should belong on my "black or white" post! :)