hey isn't that the girl from gossip girl?

i wasn't going to post while in nyc, but i had to share the most incredible day of "oh my god" sightings.
it started with dree hemingway at intermix, not as tall as i expected but prettier wearing harem pants and carrying chanel,
then taylor momsen at topshop. she was wearing knock off chloe susans, ripped jeans, plaid and enough eyeliner to stock a mac. still, she looked very pretty and so t a l l.
finally the day capped off with kate lanphear in brooklyn. the elle goddess was rocking her fav. studded marc jacobs bag (seen above), converse and that bob, so tiny....
three blond blond blond babes.
src. tfs


Stephanie said...

it's true! you spotted the three blonds lol! still cant believe your luck/timing on the trip!
"enough eyeliner to stock a mac" LOL! awesome line!


Cynthia said...

you are so lucky... i just got back, and the only celeb i saw was Noami Watts, I would of died seeing kate

Jessica said...

her bag is actually burberry!! and i love your quote too, i think she wears a bit much eyeliner. and shes so young! i wish she would tone it down a bit. but i guess thats her own personal style!

Rackk and Ruin said...

man oh man. . . i'm glad someone got to have some celeb sightings in nyc!! i didn't see a one while i was there this past weekend. . . fantastic sightings too!!