nyc fashion haul

here it is...
what i spent my hard earn money on while in new york city, lol.
make sure you check out both videos. i forgot something and had to do a second bit.
(the quality might be a bit fuzzy still as i just uploaded these).
i won't be doing hauls for a while b/c i'm not planning any big shopping sprees but if you would like to see any other video blogs let me know... i'll probably be back with a haul around christmas.
also, to all my amazing new youtube subscribers, welcome to true north style.... xoxo


Stephanie said...

soo much to say lol!!! im typing this as i listen to the video lol.

I love your voice :) and i tell you all the time, but you're soooo pretty lady :)

ok now last first, the ruffled blouse: i have practically the exact same one from VV in black! love it tucked into a mini and you can give it sex appeal or tone it down. so versatile in it's sheerness: great purchase :)

Topshop: AGREE with everything you said. the changerooms by the accessories: are the BEST!!!! I waited too but less time there than at the other one where the line just didn't seem to move. when i was a topshop in June, i couldnt even buy anything cause i didnt even know where to start!! soooooo oevrwhelming so you leave with nothing cause you dont want to waste your money.

this time was equally overwhelming but i was prepared for it so i braced myself and scoured the store but ended up being in there for like an hour :(

LOVE LOVE LOVE your bag purchases!!!! the miu miu is unreallllllllllll. i knew you made the right choice but after seeing the video i am positive lol! the colour and the rushed texture and the shape are amazing. so unique and statement making and totally you!

also, ADORE the card holder! and you totally inspired me because im gonna get one :) it's my birthday next week so maybe ill wish for one lol! where did you get your cards done at? I have some already but i REALLY want to splurge on ones from the Mandate Press as seen on leFashion recently. plus, i dont have any for stardust and it would be a good addition to the cards.

so funny that you mentioned my miu miu and the september issue cause i was wearing that bag today and went to see that movie tonight! for the second time though. I loved it. love grace :) and was surprised at how minimally everyone was dressed sans makeup and looking sooooooooooo tired lol! Anna's gorgeous on film.

gonna watch your beauty haul now :) it applies to my job so im soooo curious lol.

also, i think i figured out how to do video clips with imovie! now i need to figure out how to export them and get it online, i guess ill try and upload it via youtube as you do. pretty stoked about this aspect as it will be a new way of publishing on the blog! I was soooo inspired by your videos :)

such a long comment! i might as well have emailed you lol!


Anonymous said...

Omg. I'm dying for your bags. The Sookie is so cute. I love it. I saw that one when I bought my Sasha! It's funny how you said you saw Dree in the W.VIllage; When I bought my Sasha, Whitney Port was in the MbyMJ W.V. store too. I love it there. Defs my fave part of the city.

I love the collection too, I held out on the pouchette and am now regretting it and am searching EVERYWHERE for it. Damn. Miu Miu kills me. But in an awesome un-dead-y kind of way. I was just looking at their stuff this morning on Net-A-Porter. Love the studs. Alexa's crossbody one is to die for, but yours is different but just as awesome! Great picks though. Hopefully I can save up some cash!

Alexa said...

You're the sweetest!

I love the bags. I LOVE them.
I'm going to New York in November- I'm definitely going to check out that jewelry shop you mentioned.

mika said...

you're adorable :) !! I really love the bags

Kate. said...

I love these videos that you do. Fantastic purcheses, always make me jealous hehe. But really, you have a great style and taste, keep 'em coming! And I love everything with animals/animal print too. x)

Anonymous said...

love love love it all! thank you so much for sharing this with us, you are so gorgeous! lots of love from australiA!

Fabi Pina said...

You have incredible cheekbones!