make up haul 3

new make up haul video! finally my make up collection is complete.
hope you like it. i separated it from my nyc clothing haul in case some readers don't like make up hauls. now you don't have to sit through something if you're not interested in it.

i did want to give a heads up to everyone about a great product currently for sale at american eagle outfitters. they're really impressing me right now with their selection, especially the intimates. these swiss dot tights are incredible. they cost 12-16$ depending on where you live and they really fit that balenciaga trend. i'm in love with the fact that they are fishnets not sheer stockings, it make them a bit more unique and durable. go get them!!!


Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

The fishnets look lovely. Not too conservative or too risque. Thanks for the headsup. I almost never go into AE, so I would've passed right by these gems!


clo said...

hey!! i just saw the video.. and i loved it!! i live in argentina so.. most of the products you show are not here.. soo im soo jealous!!

keep doing that videos!!



Anonymous said...

Now I want to see the rest :)

Stephanie said...

metro chic is the associate fashion editor's favourite colour! it looks amazing on you :) and I totally feel you on the peeling/brittle nails. I find the more i wear nail polish, the more prone to splitting and being weak they are.

love the chin-up bar in your kitchen lol.;)

and re: the small caps mention in the videos above. were on the same page (again lol!) cause i only ever do small caps.


Veronicahhh said...

where do you work?
btw, i love these.. nice to actually hear an honest opinion.

Veronicahhh said...

constructivist paint pot IS THE BEST