luuuv this tunic.
the long sleeved/mini hem shape, the looseness, the incredible and colourful beach print. h&m gets it so right sometimes. this dress calls for simple but powerful accessories, enter my beautiful claw necklace from the stylish wanderer and my ysl baby. top it off with my current favourite nail polish, mod about you from opi. one of my favourite looks.

a special greeting to my fellow canadians, happy thanksgiving + eat some turkey for me! xxc
dress: h&m
necklace: stylish wanderer
ring: ysl
shoes: nine west



You look hot darling!
I love your ring!

Antonio Barros said...

Cool tunic! Amazing ring!


J. said...

I love this tunic, its so cool!

fashionfreaks said...

I love the tunic!


noirohio vintage said...

LOVE that YSL ring.. amazing necklace too!

Stephanie said...

Ok you look the BEST ive EVER seen this dress look on anyone. seriously!!!! There's something so Julia RR about you in these shots. LOVE THE OUTFIT. LOVE the pictures.
and you're so right about the accessories! fantastic job at styling this. also, mod about you looks amazing on you. I tried to get it here but apparently it's not available in Montreal....gonna have to pull my beauty connection strings i guess lol!


imane said...

tyour dresss is amazing =
and your pink nails are so nice

cheeky girl

Arlie said...

oh wow, i am looooving the tunic girl!

Rackk and Ruin said...

best outfit!! i can't believe i skipped out on H&M and Topshop cause i didn't feel like fighting the crowds. . . next time.