brr it's cold in here.

love the layering, the coats, the hats and the texture. the perfect looks for fall inspiration.
monika rohanova by zoltan tombor for italian grazia
src. dexnspex.blogspot.com


Ashwini said...

The 1st and last pictures are gorgeous. It never occurs to me to layer a jacket over a long cardigan. I think itll look too lumpy, but this is awesome!

Frances Davison said...

that hat is just what i've been searching for, darn it x

ronelM said...

how unique that boots is..really awesome!thanks for sharing it

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the model, it was really irritating me.

We couldn't go, the cinema was closed due to electrical problems, so I think we're going to catch it during the week.