mini haul

mini haul video and some "what's been going on" info.
look out for taylor at 4:45min lol. the best!
my tabio video/post should be up this weekend.


Anonymous said...

This was fantastic Cindy! I enjoyed watching so much. I'm so getting Edward blanket tonight after work.

xoxoJEssie A

Cambry Rene said...

The haircut you're planning sounds like it will be great on you!

Alexa said...

Where did you get that nail polish, Cindy?

ps. Courage My Love has really cute stuff right now. You should also check out the Vintage stuff by Dundas and Ossington- saw the CUTEST Ferragamo flats there- a la Alexa Chung .

Anonymous said...

What nailpolish is that? It's so cute!!! Now I'm going to go finish watching...

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, you just answered my question. HAHA, can you tell I have no patience?

Stephanie said...

the necklace is gorgeous!!!! and really suits you :) and i love how you pronounced le cheap c'est chic ;) adorable, lady!

and the CM RING!!!! OMGODDDDDDDDDD it's beautiful!!!!!

I love your nail polishes! I just got an ingrown nail (not as gross as it sounds, really :) but it was split nail that went awry.) i always gets split nails when i wear polish! so discouraging :) My favourite colour right now is Essie Sole Mate.

and about the anti bacterial overdose lol! I SO hear you hahah!! it's like second nature now lol.

Omgod and you're so cute about the blanket :) lol. Sorry....im literally typing this all as i watch the video.

speaking of makeup....I interviewed Luc Bouchard a major mac makeup artist who's just come off the shows....and he's sooo nice and talented (obviously) and i got a preview of some of the new stuff and whats up for spring and there are some great things! notably the brow pencils that are light and liquid (i never use coloured pencils) but i want to try those cause they are really faint and he says they're great and there is also these Cheek Stains that are apparently amazing from the upcoming lily pullitzer limited edition collection. Anyways, keep an eye out for that cause there's also a gloss that looks gorgeous...ill tell you the name when i remember it...it's not from the lily collection.

love the Tabio tights!! and your hair: cant wait to see the results :)

oh and the business cards!!!! i need to get those ASAP!! i love the font you used: what's the one that truenorthstyle is written in? i think im gonna go plain with helvetica neue.

sooooooooo long a comment, lady sorry!!!


roxanne said...

great video, dear.. i'm absolutely in love with your nail polish!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is amazing, I don't get why people in Canada and America always have really glossy hair, in England so many of us generally have a get-up-and-go approach.

And I'm totally Team Jacob.