haul and contest!!!!

this is a haul featuring thrift, h&m, f21 and tabio.
at the end of the video i talk about my first blog contest!!!!
you can win a pair of tabio little heart tights in black and a pair of tabio side patterned over the knee socks in navy, both featured in my tabio video.

all you have to do is comment below with you favourite product from tabio.com. it can be anything from the site. make sure you leave your name so i can contact you if you win. i will put all the entries through a random number generator to pick the winner. contest closes moday nov 30th at 6pm eastern time. it is open to everyone but one entry per person.

my favourite tabio item would actually be a tie between the two products i feature in the video.
the 110 denier tights and the petite floral roll top socks. love those so much!

*** i filmed this on a different camera so that is why it's sideways and also the quality is still processing....


Fashion Chalet said...

Aw I haven't talked to you in a while. :) Thanks for the comment, Cindy!

Those little heart tights are TDF <3


Katherine said...

I love the heart tights.

Are they super expensive to ship to Canada? I'm interested in buying some myself but the one time I ordered something small from the UK the shipping ended up being more than the item.

Shannon said...

Favorite are the sheer black heart tights. So cute with chunky heels!

Cindy said...

katherine. shipping for 1-3 items to n.a. is 7.5 pounds or around 13 can $
i don't think there was any duty either when i ordered mine but if there was it prob wasn't more then 15$
it's not too bad... but it's a better deal to buy more then one thing, but maybe you'll win the contest:)

Becky said...

My favourites are the black heart tights, but I have an ever-growing wishlist of other things I'd love to try!

Rachel said...

i'm loving the small diamond tights, and but could the the little hearts tights be any more adorable? i too think tights are at their best when worn with knee socks!

JRA said...

I like their "dry ribbed over the knee" socks, in grey. They remind me of Little Orphan Annie, pre-Daddy Warbucks of course.

Loved your video! Made my crap lunch more enjoyable.

Jessie A

La Couturier said...

my favorites are without a doubt, the tights with the petite hearts (: so dainty, cute, and girly but can be dressed up with a sexier dress - aa u back dress, anyone?

bisous, xx

Anonymous said...

Oh the Argyle socks are gorgeous, I have a few pairs from a British brand, Jack Wills, my friends call them my grandad socks.

And the sparkly tights, can't go wrong with those.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! your contest sounds fun too:) I love the tabio poka dot tights they're really cute.



clo said...

my favourite are the FLOWER TIGHTS i love them!! it actually was kind of hard to find a favourite because there are a lot of pretty patterns!
anywaysss i WANT TO WIN! lol i dont know if i have to tell you something more..if you do stop by my blog!



Anonymous said...

hey cindy! glad to finally see you holding a contest :) my fav products from tabio are definitely the sparkly and little heart tights; a little rocker and a little girly!

- Jenn L

sheeshaa23 said...

I love the Big Bow Ruffle Legwarmers! So cute and they come in great colours too!
Fun contest! Thank you!! ^_^

Miss J said...

Awesome contest! You're one of my fave Canadian blogger by far :D

Little heart tights are definitely my pick. I actually was thinking of ordering them from Tabio too!

-Miss J

Grace said...

i am totally loving those black heart tights. those are my fav! =]

Live and Let Shop said...

I love the sparkly tights!
I think they are perfect for a fun night out.

paigemcgreevy said...

the sparkly tights!

esselle719 said...

My favorite item on their site is the Roll Top Multi Stripe sock in Mixed Beige. I absolutely love the color combination and the retro feel they give! =)

Anonymous said...

You are lovely!
My favourite item is the Big Bow Ruffle Leg Warmers in Beige. :)

Semrah K

megx3 said...

i love love love the sockettes, especially the frill edge ones.

Monica D said...

I lovvvve their sparkly tights, but I really like the over the knee socks too!

Stephanie said...

omgoddd you are sooooo cute @ the end of your video, lady :) we love you!!

when you put up that striped top i was like omgod she and i totally have the same top lol! but alas, mine is the EXACT same cut, but wooly and from Zara. I wear it with the sleeves cuffed as well and with the aa textured lamé leggings.

I LOVE the bag you got at F21. can we PLEASE go there together?! I have sworn off that store on the premise that i can never figure out what's a keeper and what's to not even consider buying in that big mess of a store and then there's the everyone in here is 15 factor...and the other one is that i always feel like i'll wear the thing once and then never again. except for their accessories. they tend to be hits with me. and that's IF i can find them lol!

also ADORE both sweaters you thrifted but ESPECIALLY the second one! it's gorgeous in the oversized fit.

i'm gonna enter the contest :) but i cant even win because i would need a Large in the tights: im 5'9".
i'm kinda in love with the big bow ruffle leg warmer socks in that mustard yellow or ivory colour: they're so blair, no? i don't think they're my style though...so as for something i'd wear, maybe the new sparkly tights! they look so mcqueen gaga-esque lol!

oh and i watched Factory Girl last night and was thinking about you and how you ADORE Sienna. she's unreal in that movie and i just love the whole theatrics of her character and the wardrobe and the always-in-hand martini: so fabulous 60's lol!


samijam said...

the little heart tights are my favorite!


Anonymous said...

i love the patterned DIAMOND tights, but i'm also in love with the little heart ones!


Anonymous said...

i forgot.. Deb -d.r3y@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

i remember commenting before, but my post seem to have disappeared
my favs. are the knee high socks, look great avec shirts, dresses, and boots !!


melissa said...

Hi! thank you for extending the deadline on the contest. I would love to enter--my fav item is definitely the little heart tights on the tabio site.

pixieplum @ aol . com

Anonymous said...

Denier tights in mustard yellow <3