port elgin part 2.

this day was a lot sunnier. i loved the colour of the water, so much energy.
i'm wearing pretty much the same outfit in these too, lol. i hope you don't mind all these port elgin pictures. it's just nice to use my nikon outside and really maximize it's potential. i love so many of the shots. there's going to be two more sets from this trip going up soon.

**** and a reminder that my tabio contest is ending soon. i've decided to extend it one day until tuesday because of the holiday weekend in the usa, in case some of my readers have been on vacation and away from the internet. make sure you enter!!! good luck.


Cindy Whitehead said...

Love your pictures - the water colors are amazing!

Stephanie said...

omgoddd the water!!! incredible!!! it's carribean blue in the first shot! soooo un Canada like!

you look adorable and Port Elgin perfect in your attire :)

I cant help but think though that your feet weren't soooo cold after you got your chucks and wool socks wet!!!! my feet are cold thinking about it lol!


and i ADORE your TNLoves blog, lady! i keep wanting to comment, but it gives me a hard time, the tumblr format! love all the pics! i post some on stardust with credit of course :)

and YAYYY for Twitter. Seriously, i think i know how you feel about it cause im pretty sure i feel the same way about facebook. But you won't regret it. the thing too, is i find it REALLY keeps me in the know, almost to a fault because it's brought the net to a non-stop pace. but i need to access it for all the info because im realizing fast that helps me stay above the cut at work. the other side of the coin is that it also makes you feel like you're working or could be working 24.7

anyways! gonna tweet@you now and of course, follow ya!


YAIYA said...

wow, that view is amazing

Francheska said...

this looks incredible!!!! I love your jacket!x

haute.teapot said...

those pictures are so beautiful and serene. thank you for sharing them, they seriously just made me smile and made me feel like i went on a mini vacation. :)

vetiveros said...

Hey, I love the pictures!