ladies in red

lady in red was one of my favourite songs as a kid. i had the 45'.
a heads up.... i have a tumblr now. i just have too many pictures to post so i will be doing posts on both now. i will do my outfit posts primarily on here though.
check it out if you like, true north loves.

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Stephanie said...

yay for true north tumblr! It's so fun to have two blogs when one is secondary and mostly pictures :)

and lady in red was my moms favourite song when I was a kid! always reminds me of my childhood with my mom :)

and you shouldn't worry abt hatred: get the fur if you see one you love- I gave an ebayed one and it's dubbed Big White by the girls at work lol! I even want another vintage one.


Francheska L said...

alexa looks prettyy x

Women’s dresses said...

Loving the blog! That red dress is just stunning! I really need to add something like that to my wardrobe. Cute shoes aswell!

Unknown said...

I've been a little tired of Alexa and her style lately, but here she was Oh, so pretty!:)

Jazz Virtue said...

Oh this is so lovely, I love the pictures you've picked out. The red dress is pretty stunning!