stephanie said...

suchghhhhh a good post!!! im obsessed (who isnt't) with Bad Romance. It's amazingggg. So funny that you mentioned my alter ego about GG last night, as i have been going through a similar romantic plot (that i just quit before it even had a real chance to thrive and then inevitably crash and burn) and i also had my doubts that bad romance was speaking to that kind of a scenario. but then when i saw GG last night with the serena/counsellor plot and then Gaga's bad romance playing simulataneously, i knew i was right: and the whole thing was a bit to close to home lol: so yes, alter ego indeed! lol!

hope you get some lucky finds on you shopping venture!!!!!

and btw- check out this quote: http://fashionista.com/2009/11/love_is_blind_we_are_not_an_un.php

a little bit much...lol.


the style crusader said...

yah i'm a little obsessed with bad romance. i can't get it out of my head.