tabio baby

these are the various looks i paired with my tabio socks and tights. i liked everything tabio sent, but i loved the flower tights (1st look), highly recommend them! so stunning. for more information on these products or the company check out my vlog below and tabio.com.
the flower tights. my favourite item and outfit. these tights are durable and stunning. the pattern is pretty, leg lengthening and it doesn't over power an outfit. i paired the tights with a vintage dress and shoes. these buckled babies are so comfortable and at 28$ a great vintage score.
the vertical single side patterned over the knee socks. these surprised me as i wasn't too sure about the pattern at first. i loved their construction the band both held up the sock but also didn't dig into your leg (the video explains this better!) they are a bit pricy, but if you want a great pair of over the knees to invest in these are a good option. i wore them with a vintage reconstructed diy levis skirt, gap sweater, vintage boots and id tag necklace.

the polka dot tights. the tight trend of the season, thanks to the balenciaga fall 09 show. i loved these, they are the same make as my beloved heart print tights, just as silky and good quality. these are a bit more elegant though and perfect dressed up or down. i wore them with some vintage boots and an aritzia studded tee over a tahari chiffon pleated mini + a new hair cut!
the one negative with these is even though they are stronger then most sheer stockings i've tried, they will run if you aren't careful with them. i wouldn't get too sad if they do though because they even look great laddered (i think these girls even did it on purpose ;), check it out.
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ed hardy said...

Awesome. I love this, your article so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Rackk and Ruin said...

your haircut looks great!! The roadtrip was amazing and i'd love to do another someday. . . highly recommend Arches!! and the Badlands in South Dakota were stunning, esp in the winter because there were no other tourists! We mostly slept out in our truck. we had created a bed in the back prior to leaving with storage space underneath and a Thule on top for more storage. It worked out really great. . . i think i'd like to pack a tent next time though, esp if it's warmer outside. I think my favorite part of the trip was driving down the West coast from Oregon to California. amazingggg. A road trip around Canada would be soooo awesome too

Stephanie said...

i love the polka dot ones and the knee-socks. you look amazing!! love the hair too! gonna watch the video now :)


Anonymous said...

I need some polka dot tights so bad.

I saw these cuffs and necklaces by Pamela Love in my Harpers Bazaar today and thought of you.



Becky said...

Great post, I love tabio. My favourites are the heart print tights but I'd recommend the nude fishnets too. Think the polka dot tights might be my next purchase...

Veronicahhh said...

your hair is super cute, and the bangs suit you.
but don't bombard us with tabio talk <3