nyc extras.

i stole these from my sis's facebook. the stk horns, outfit post in the hotel room... and me trying and failing to swipe my metrocard. so embarrassing.
sweater: aritzia, scarf: zara, jeans: hudson, jacket: h&m, shoes: ash, ring: ysl, tee: the market


kirstyb said...

great pics - loving the scarf x

stephanie said...

the metrocard didnt work at all for me either lol! I had to see the teller and walk through everytime! he was just as confused as i was! lol! must be a canadian in nyc thing haha!


kpeach said...

love the nyc shots! xx

Dani said...

The scarf it's lovely!

Francheska said...

you are so pretty! :) hahah and that happened to me so many times... trying to slide the metro/underground card... not in New York but still :D x

Lina said...

wow! what city do you live in?

i live in toronto and our subway stations don't look like that!

Cindy said...

lina i'm from t.o. too. thus, my inability to use a new york city subway swiper

Antonio Barros said...

I miss NY!!!

You look great with this outfit!