vintage haul and leo love vlog

all things vintage + some mac, h&m, victoria's secret, bleach black, ysl and leo crushing.
plus, check out my tumblr, true north loves for daily posts and all that is inspirng me at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I love love love The Departed. And yeah, Leo went a bit porky, but then he looked amazing in this film.
The colour of your YSL ring is beautiful aswell.

Lina said...

i love the fact that you live in toronto and can give me a heads up for cool vintage stores! i don't really know any so if you know about anymore please remember to mention them here!

most blogs i frequent are from the states, but it makes me feel so much closer to your blog when you talk about places and even streets i know :)

Stephanie said...

I always watch your videos smiling lol! :) Loved leo in the Departed and that movie is so good. funny story: have romeo and juliet in my dvd library but i havent watched it since like 9th grade! even though i bought it in the last yr....you may have inspired me to pull it out, finally!
loving your tumblr! it's my firefox homepage actually ;) and also LOVING the dress you got at h&m and the vintage leopard number with the suede part! so gorgeous!


Shazam said...

LISTEN True North...I LOVE YOUR TUMBLRRRRRRR!!!!! I think I may have found someone who loves Kate as much as I do.

About your videos, I love all of them. They way you talk about anything makes me want it. Basically, I love you.