tiny dancer

penny lane, one of the best movie wardrobes ever.


CoocooforCoco said...

THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!! I'm glad someone else likes it. It's all happening! And yes, I concur that it is one of the best movie wardrobes ever...ugh, that coat is amazing! I'm also obsessed with Zooey Deschanel's flight attendant look.

Anonymous said...

This is my ultimate favorite movie of all time.

stephanie said...

I totally agree!! who doesn't lol! and it's so rare you see Kate rocking her curls :) curly haired celebs always inspire me to rock mine. SJP being running the show of curly hair inspiration in my books.

Thanks for alll the comments!!! cant believe you didn't know Elizabeth either! :)

and yes, i ugg lol! they're comfy haha. only sometimes, when im reallyyyy lazy. i wore them recently with a red u-neck aa dress and black tights and a thin leopard headband. writing that out makes me wish i had time to do outfit posts. i need to try and get back on that a little.

loveeee tumblr too! even though stardust isnt one, i blog on it the same way a tumblr would and i love the easyness of it. it's totally addicting. im so addicted to yours and zoeclaudia :)

and twitter....you get into it i think. it takes time, but then becomes second nature. it's CRAZY how connected we all are now!


Stephanie said...

omgod the Chanel popcorn and Kate in your most recent tumblr posts! LOVES!!!!


J. said...

Love the boots! I'd love a pair like that. Or even a pair that looks sort of similar... you get the drift!

(PS: You have a Blogaward to "pick up" at my blog)

Anonymous said...

LOVE ALMOST FAMOUS. Best movie. This is so true love the look and the curly hair.


nastasja. said...


sadie d. love said...

omg, almost famous is my fav movie after 'the singles'..and they're both cameron crowe's.
looooove your blog. kissez from croatia.


A and A said...

yes yes... not only is this one of the greatest films but Kate Hudson's best to this date. She was perfection! Kate as Penny Lane and Sienna as Edie Sedgwick... ahh, both movies I could watch over and over.

xx lovely blog.

Alex and Amy