plaid and garters

the perfect sexy outfit. gorgeous ashley greene in flannel and garters. this look is so me in so many ways. i just posted it on my tumblr and i had to repost it here because i love it so much.
speaking of ashley, i saw new moon and it is incredible. i loved it so much more then twilight but i knew i would as it's my favourite book of the series. go see it!
speaking of sexy underthings, i can;t wait for sonia rykiel for h&m this weekend. i want to many of the tops/bras.
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CoocooforCoco said...

this is so cute...i need it

Anonymous said...

New Moon is my fave book aswell. I still need to see the film though.

And I'm so excited for the Sonia Rykiel range, I love all of the pink satin 50's style pieces.


Danielle said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love it! I recently created my own, if you get a chance I'd love for you to cehck it out.


bryna said...

love that picture!

Stephanie said...

omgod empire records (the best still/scene ever!!) and that sequin skirt on your tumblr is exactly like the cm on i want!!!

i was sooo stuck on the third watch too! cause it seems the most similar to the cartier. but now i think im gonna go with the first: it's the most rose gold. the second one is $300 so not really an option when you factor in the duty charges.

and yes! i remember the philip lim one! i'd forgotten about it!

i think my friend scored me the rykiel striped cup bra today :) but they apparently run small so not sure if it'll fit and it's padded and i never wear padded, so who knows, but fingers crossed ;)

love alexa's marnis too! and that hammock on zoe claudia over the ocean. where's your man?


Anonymous said...

nowtakeitorleaveit is back and is waiting for you again :)


Kate. said...

I love it. Sexy, yet still casual and punky ;)

miky said...

this looks sooo osom

Lainey said...

She is just all around sexy.

mens casual jacket said...

I love this checked shirt! It's fabulous!