the little rascals

i know the outfit posts have been a w o l but i got off my lazy bum and finally uploaded a bunch off my nikon. this look was inspired by an outfit that alexa chung wore to the louis vuitton fashion show. just a simple oversized navy cardigan worn as a dress. i went a little more modest and wore mine with leggings instead of tights like alexa, but this was for real life and not sitting front row. i found this amazing cashmere baby at courage my love, a great vintage store in kensington for 40$ love it! it has great gold hardware, you may remember it from a vlog haul a while back. i also got my lovely homeless kitty friend rascal to make an appearance... even if the flash made him look like a possessed little kitty demon.
sweater: vintage, leggings: h&m, boots and bag: marc by marc jacobs, tee: american apparel nailpolish: essie mint candy apple


roxanne said...

i love rascal! makes me miss mine. this outfit looks incredibly cute and comfortable too.

Jessica said...

I seriously love your ability to find great vintage pieces, and you have all around great style and you are so consistent! AND- to me you represent Canada .. definitely "true north style".. and I can relate!!! :)
I love shopping at kensington.. I've found some amazing pieces! I love your shoes too :)


Lainey said...

ooh, your outfit is just like Alexa's! That's one of my faves from her. And yours for that matter.

Stephanie said...

GORGEOUS!!! Great Alexa-inspired look and i'm SUCH a fan of navy. This cardi is stunning and looks soooo good with the marc by marc boots. and your POLISH! gorgeous on you! ♥ the shot of you and your kitty ;)

I pray Artizia gets with the times and goes online asap lol!!! and WHY haven't they hired you?!!! you;d be SUCH AN ASSET to the store. Seriously. it's one of life's cruel jokes or something that you don't work there yet.

and you hate the boots tooooooooo! i thought i was alone on that one- they look really bad the way they are styled there. They would be far better with jeans- you're right about that!

gonna check out your zara finds on twitter now ;)


Anonymous said...

nice to see your pretty face again :) the booties are aaamazing!!


Melinda said...

love your outfit, it's really like alexa :D

The Sound of Lace said...

cute outfit!!
i love those shoes!


Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look! I love your shoes!


smalltownchic said...

good work!
i love this

T.Hazel said...

i love your boots !

A and A said...

amazing! you could sooooo pull off the tight too...
love it both ways.