snake bites

my latest favourites from cobrasnake.

it's kind of obvious, but he does the best party lighting. how does everyone look so good under the flash? featuring the lovely ladies: harley, kate, the bos and atlanta.


Stephanie said...

GREAT question!!! How DOES everyone look so good under the flash lol! I look like Snow White LOL!!!!

Love the Kate shot- I blogged the Bosworth shot, after seeing it on Derek blasberg's twitter, on Stardust, which i've been updating insatiably lol!

LOVE LOVE ♥ your essay comment(s). I love the boots and did see your text picture, that's why i texted you back :)

and LOL at the flossy boutique experience! Those moments are awesome, though mine are minimal since i splurge purchase online. I always feel like there's a better deal to be had online or in the states...it feels like Montreal prices are always inflated in costly pieces and the selection is so poor.

Spray the boots so they stay a pretty beige ;) i cant wait to see them on you. i think they will look perfect with a floral dress/piece. or of course, leggings.

and omgod, i know- that "dream team" shot is SOOOO GOOD eh?!!!!! Love the group and the clothes and i totally agree with you- the beige booties stood out to me the most and Garance's bag and the mini chanel ;) and of course, everything Anna's wearing! i hope you find the sunnies.

Shop the Aritzia spring collection for me!! I NEED to come to TO so we can hang out! seriously, i have pangs about it right now....seriously trying to figure out a way.. a TO trip is a must do for 2010!!!

and the iphone! i switched carriers from bell to fido for it (but i HATE bell so it was really just another excuse). It was so worth it! I had a blackberry before and while i loved that phone a lot, my best friend told me after i got the iPhone that i'm "so much happier as an iPhone user" lol!!! Blkberry was such a useless thing for me, in hindsight. You'll find, i think, with a blog and twitter etc and everything in general, from itunes to email and pictures, that the iPhone will be an amazingggggg choice! and so worth it + when i got mine, my tweets at least doubled in the days immediately afterwards purely out of the novelty factor. so fun!

gonna check out your AA polish twitpic now ;) xx

the girl in grey said...

Brill photographs.

stephanie said...

i had to comment on another post cause i felt like i was being ridiculous on your latest lol! but i just saw the Verve video post on your tumblr and i HAD to comment cause that song takes me back to like 1997 or 98 this one summer at camp. EVERY time i listen to it i think of that time in my life! Such a great song too!

and i knew the chair was thrifted or vintage but i had to ask! such a find! speaking of finds, did you get my Twitter DM? about the Fashionair Olivia video? I AM DYING To go to Calypso!!!! I need one of those candles she speaks of one day too. thanks again for pointing out that video for me cause i ♥ her ;) xx