tragedy - rip. lee alexander mcqueen

i was shocked today to hear that the incredible alexander mcqueen passed away. he was a true visionary, artist and innovator. every season he pushed the boundaries not only in his designs, but also in his presentations. i don't have the pleasure of owning a mcqueen piece, but i did try on a gorgeous, but simple velvet strapless dress of his last year. i was so impressed with it's construction, simple lines on the outside but inside the dress was an intricate corset. it fit perfectly and made my body look amazing, he really knew how to dress a woman's body so it looked it's best. on top of his obvious talent, the man himself was such a character. i'll always remember him flashing the crowd his union jack boxers! above are some of my favourite shots of him and one of sienna wearing a favourite of his dresses. i'll always remember energy, your smile, your awe inspiring runway shows, esp. the kate hologram below and all your beautiful designs.
a true original.
you are a legend mr. mcqueen and greatly missed.
lee alexander mcqueen b. march 17 1969 - d. february 11 2010


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

yes, so sad :(:(:(

stephanie said...

Such a great tribute post, Cindy!

This is soooo tragic. I felt so so shocked upon hearing this news this morning. i'm still coming to grips with it. I did some tribute picture posts on Stardust. My friend was at Holts around noon and the scarves were flying off the shelves! It's interesting how his last collection was almost the high point of his career and now this. The fashion world is surely spinning over this news. I read his mom just died last week and this might be attributed to his struggle in general with added pressure of her loss. so so sad. So much success and talent and so much turmoil inside. In history, hasn't it consistently been the most troubled that create the most incredible works of art? ...I can't help but wonder what'll come of his slated FW10 collection show in a few weeks?

I wanted to ebay the white skull scarf last summer but i didn't end up doing it. it was like $100 at the time. I can;t fathom what it'll be now. I have the black one and i just remember this morning that i also have a gorgeous silk hermès worthy blue, gold and red one.


Katherine said...

It's so sad. I hate when people go before they should.

the girl in grey said...

Suicide is never the answer...he has no idea just how loved he truly was.

Hélène Heath said...

Every time i think about it i tear up. This is such a terrible loss. I can't come to grips with it.

Nastassia said...

I feel the exact same way. Great tribute. It's madness here in Paris, I can imagine Canada's a bit more chilled, but it's absolutely awful.

He truly was a visionary and I am confident that he will not be forgotten for his incredible work.

Stephanie said...

Happy Valentine's day, lady ♥ i hope you have the BEST day!!! xx

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen the video...tried to find it but i can't- do you have a link by any chance? is it a new video?