auction cravings

the perfect little vintage sailor dress. i love the pleated skirt and the crochet collar. bid here.
size small. currently 102.50$us/auction up tonight at 9:23pm est.
pair it with these amazing golden goose cowboy boots. bid here.
size 41, currently $101.00us/auction up march 3 at 2:40pm est. what a deal!


Stephanie said...

Oh! that dress is adorable!!!!!
too bad it's not yours ;) it's the perfect sienna/cindy piece!

♥ xx

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Lovely look!

Becky said...

Such a cute dress.

J. said...

I love the dress!!

melly said...

perfect boots!

i am a german girl living in sweden, spent one month in vancouver and fell in love with this beautiful place. actually i wanted to emigrate to california this year, but canada it is now...

you seem so supernice, so canadian, your love for animals makes me sure you´re a good person and that´s why i like your blog.


pity that you´re no musician, it would suit you.