the whole cropped t-shirt trend is something i'm not quite sure off. i like the idea of it but not the idea of my mid-driff exposed to the world. i mean i'm not 16 or rachel on friends here. instead i'll pair them with high waisted numbers and maybe a lace body suit for a bit of coverage. what do you all think of the trend??
today i'm going to aritzia to check out the new wilfred free line of basics, which according to their blog is now in stores and then maybe to aldo to check if any of those shoes the adorable stamy is wearing in the ads have hit the shelves.
top: american apparel, bodysuit: urban, skirt: forever21, tights and shoes: h&m


Joyce said...

i like this trend! i think you look great with high waisted bottoms for coverage too, if you don't always want to show off your midriff.

i bought a really soft drapey cropped top from aritzia in the fall (maybe november?) so i imagine they're have something now too!

melly said...

looks cute. and i spy: instruments! are you a musician?

Stephanie said...

I love this trend but i don't think it's meant for me...my waistline is definitely not meant for pulling off this trend but i if i was going to try it I would definitely try it with the bodysuit layering you do.
I think you style crop tops perfectly with the skirts and the bodysuits, you look amazing always, in those looks.

and i just LOVE the first picture. your smile and the adjusted lighting-- i just want to jump through my computer and hug you lol!!! too cute ;) xx

anything amazing at Artizia?! Im DYING TO come to TO. if all goes to my plan, i want to come this weekend and i'm hoping to come long enough and know enough in advance to meet up!!!!!!! and hang out ;) it's a long time overdue! xx

Kitty said...

Super cute outfit....and your right, wouldn't be daring enough to expose my midriff, not totally convinced, good choice :)

stephanie said...

ssss clubbbbb!!1 LOL! i so know what you're talking about but i don't remember Rachel :(

We are our toughest critics! but you look seriously adorable and i love that you smile for your shots ;) i try to but sometimes it's hard to! and i know what you mean about picking the pictures, it's hard sometimes picking which ones to post!
I took some shots for one last outfit post in this apt but i will only post them at the very earliest, next week and i have to say it was tough picking which ones i'll post cause it didn't feel like they were all that great- you know when you take some and then you're too lazy to take more, but the results aren't necessarily what you'd hoped for....anyways! you'll see what i mean i guess with the post ;) xx

Kaich said...

I'm unsure about crop tops as well. I definetly prefer them with high-rise pants/skirts... That cute model in the Wilfrid ads (Audrey, I believe) wears a black one with a lace skirt, there is some midriff showing but it's tastefully pulled together. There's a fine line though, you don't want to be appear trashy by baring the tummy, a la 90's.
Which you definetly don't in the photo; great outfit, great blog.
I've just recently started blogging, and your site is a great inspiration for a fellow Canadian girl, keep up the good stuff :)