february haul/favourites

here's what i bought last month. i finally picked up some items that i've been wanting forever.... very successful shopping. as for favourite videos, i decided not to do them for february because it was really just a month of leggings/oversized tees, hunter wellies and olympics. so instead i decided to just break it all down for you here instead. look out for videos for march though. i also wanted to let you all know that there is a contest coming up soon as well, i'll try and post the video this weekend, but if not by tuesday. it's going to be a thank you to all my lovely subscribers/followers/supporters. i love you guys!

february favourites
  • bottoms: leggings from aritzia, f21 and lululemon, levis 503's, earnest sewn harlens
  • tops: oversized tee's from alternative apparel, american apparel and vintage stores
  • lots of thrifted oversized cardis and men's cashmere sweaters, alternative hoodies and plaid shirts.
  • jackets: my h&m army coat, paired with a hoodie/vintage rabbit fur vest for warmth or my tna parka. on warmer days i was sporting my vintage suede/shearling biker jacket (totally inspired by burberry)
  • shoes: grey chucks, hunter wellies and vintage black guess riding boots.
  • accessories: my sarah chloe ring, gold heart locket, olympic mitts.
  • when i did want to wear something a bit more special i picked long sleeved mini dresses or my leopard print mini skirt from h&m paired with opaques and a vintage tee (you will see an outfit post on that look soon).
  • beauty: mac brown colour palette and lots of fiberwig mascara, kevin murphy hair products
  • tv/movies: the olympics took over my life, but i was also saying goodbye to season 4 of friday night lights (sooo good, especially zach gilford's performance as matt saracen) and falling in love with cook on skins... he was the king of season 4.
  • music: nirvana greatest hits, blind melon soup and green day dookie on heavy rotation
  • books: the rose labyrinth. great if you like da vinci code type thrillers.
  • i also finally got into exercising regularly and i like to do 20-30 mins of cardo every other day


Jillian said...

spotted you at Lily's today...I was getting my haircut otherwise I would have said hi and introduced myself!I didn't know you lived in the neighborhood?! Love your blog...always such creative posts!

mumbles said...

nice stuff, i really like that ring (so gorgeous) and the hoodie,
you have a really nice blog,
february has been a boring month for clothing, just baggy and dark clothes so i'm really looking forward summer


Stephanie said...

You look GORGEOUS, lady!! I really liked this video :) Those pirate boots: oh my! lol! gorgeous! I don't think the you'll find the leather backing such a deterrent in the end, it's a great look, slouchy, but it;s also nice to have some shape and adding the button holes was a GREAT idea! + at $300 bones: who could pass that up?! I love how you factor in the duty and the shipping into your maybe purchases--makes me feel like i am not the only "crazy" one who will occasionally pay so much for something unavailable anywhere else than say, net a porter lol! have you heard of this site:http://www.thefinalcost.com/shipments/calculate/
it's great for calculating duty! right on the money!

also LOVE your rose gold monogrammed ring. im a HUGE rose gold fan mostly because it suits my skin tone better than anything and it's a nice alternative to gold. great addition to your jewelry.

Your hair looks great btw--and i love the tee and necklace combo you're wearing ;)


Jessica said...

OMGGGG --- the vivienne westwood boots!! you are soo kate moss now!! haha:).. LOVE THEM!!! where did you find them for 300?? that is an amazing deal i wouldn't have passed them up either just to get the slouchier version. i even like the leather band at the back. wow can't wait to see them on you and the outfits you put with them !! :)
i was expecting to see all the things you listed in your favourite list but you didn't include them all in your video!! the levis, did you buy them new or vintage?
and OMG that vintage shearling is TDF!! YOU have found some amazing finds!!

CRISTA said...

LOVE aritzia!! I wish they had one on the East Coast!!!!

Alexa said...

I have the regular hardware balenciaga, and mine is the medium/big? one, and it's black. (I bought it four years ago- and its as amazing as ever, best investment I've ever made). haha.

Definitely go for a cute pair of shoes as WELL as the bag. I just feel the rose gold would be harder to work with. I'm a pretty SAFE shopper, and if you're going to spend the money, get something you know for sure you'll never get sick of.

PS> I adore the new Alternative Apparel hoodies. I went into TNT today and saw them. Super nice, so good call on that purchase!