march beauty/misc favourites

what i've been loving in beauty and life this march (if the video is grainy it's b/c it's still processing or you may need a software update).
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Stephanie said...

Your hair looks amazing :)!!! Great length and cut. I'm kinda sick of my layers...but anyways i LOVE LOVE your videos!!

Have you tried the Lemon Body Shop scrub?!! It's smells good enough to eat! it's a new flavour for spring ;)

I love that you got the L.Mercier concealer cause i've been pondering it FOREVER! truthfully, i've kinda taken a concealer break lately and have just been using a Bourjois Touche ├ęclat thing. But i'm pretty sure im gonna try the laura one next time. I thought it was just a blemish fixer upper...but i guess it's also a concealer :)

Where did you get the Fiberwig mascara? Is it from Sephora? i feel the EXACT same way as you about mascara-- i hate how even after i take off some brands, there's still some leftover on the towel after i wash my face.

I love your itunes bit ;) lol!

...and did you see the DIY miu miu Swallow tights i posted about? I thought of you and they are seriously awesome!

happy easter! Any plans? are you getting a long weekend at all? it's gonna be sunny and in the twenties here! but i have no plans...though it would be the perfect "take chloe out" weekend ;) only a month or so left....


● B I M B A ● said...

cant wait to see if i won the contesstt!!! ohhh please!! im praying! lol