i just wanted to show you some close up shots of my recent arrivals. this is the alexa leopard wallet i ordered from mulberry in january and the coach clutch i won from fashionchalet,
both items i absolutely love. the coach clutch is not the actual bag i won, it had sold out, but i adore it. it's basically a big wallet because it has card slots and a change area inside, but then it also has a large purse compartment for your phone, lipgoss etc. it's a classic bag with the black patent leather and considering i've already carried it on more then one occasion i know i'll use it again and again. so thanks again to erika and coach for holding that contest!
the mulberry wallet is perfection. at first i thought that it would be too small for everyday use and i'd only wear it when i carried my smaller bags, but i've been using it all month and it's perfectly functional. i love the large separate coin area and how compact the wallet is. the leather is gorgeous and so soft. such a great buy! one of the best things about buying from higher end brands is the service you "usually" receive and that even extends to online purchases. how cute is the packaging on these items? the mulberry wallet even came with adorable "alexa" themed stickers. such a pleasure to open these little jewels.
***update on the topshop post i decided to buy the pants and top as they were almost sold out. i didn't get the boots because i was unsure about sizing and doing online returns is such a pain b/c you never get all the shipping/duty costs back when it's international. i'm hoping ordering from topshop will be as pleasurable an experience as the ones above.


Lainey said...

I love the clutch. It's very sophisticated looking.

Stephanie said...

the packaging is incredible!!!! It's also what i love so much about my net a porter experience. So great to see the Alexa Oak in shiny leopard up close :) since im contemplating the bag. im still not sure if i should get the alexa or the bays. which colour is your bays in?

I can't wait to see the top and the pants you got from Topshop on you.
I know what you mean-- shoe shopping online is really tough and the potential return guilt with all the extra costs is such a hassle that it inevitably factors into your decision.


Kitty said...


Becky said...

Love both of them!

ktron said...

i have the same sheeeeets.

and i had a question: what do you do? i mean are you a student or do you work or whhaaatt? i realized i had no idea and was curious :)

Cindy said...

s - my bays is in shiny goat leather in mouse grey. it is in the archives here-

ktron- i have an undergrad degree in fashion/business communication and i work. i'm not in school anymore... :)

Anonymous said...

love the mulberry wallet


mumbles said...

that leopard wallet is just great
maybe not as great as the alexa bag, but really really nice


gih said...

That's a nice fashion. Fabulous bags.

Kaich said...

ahhhh wallet love! I'm craving a new wallet now.... I've been using one I got at invito in Amsterdam for the past year and a half... really time for a new one!

Valentina_s said...

love it
your blog is very beautiful and interesting

Valentina_s said...

love it
your blog is very beautiful and interesting

diamondsinchampagne said...

That mulberry piece is gorgeous, love the print!


beautiful pattern leather.