party like it's 2009

ok, so the cats out of the bag. these photos are old, like 2009 old. i've been a very bad blogger and i'm so behind, hence the blogging at dark horse today. i figured if i got out of the house i'd buckle down and get a ton of these posts that have been on the desktop and in my photo albums waiting, up and onto tns. so far i'm at 6 posts! yeah, on delay of course so your bloglovin's won't be bombarded all at once :)
this is what i wore to the debaucherous, annual staff xmas party. not the brightest idea to wear pleather to dance the night away, i was extremely hot and had to shower right when i got home, eww, but it looked good, lol. so fun as usual although not as cringe worthy as normal b/c no shots allowed at the open bar this year. i think my boss is finally figuring out his staff are just a bunch of alcoholics and tried to reign us in this year (i'm not speaking about myself per say, i always drink responsibly, well usually).
dress: h&m, beaded jacket: thrifted, tights: american eagle, shoes: steve madden, bag:f21, ring: club monaco


stephanie said...


this outfit's amazing, lady! i love your interpretation of the rocker chic look. Kate moss would wear this i think ;) and i love the boots with this look! The details on the tights and the boots and the bag totally MAKE this look amazing!

and i can so relate to being insanely hot due to attire...i get hot so fast lol!!


stephanie said...

and thanks for the am-lul intro ;) i don't think i'd ever visited her blog before. she kinda reminds me of harley viera newton. really pretty too.


mumbles said...

ahaha hope you had fun
really great tights (i said that when i firt saw her on alexa chung and i haven't bought them yet)


Angela said...

love the tights and boots

gih said...

I like her, she is so gorgeous wth her outfit.

Anonymous said...

doesn't even matter when these photos are from, you look hot!

micka said...

you look amazing :) love the outfit!