pocket full of posies

all i want to wear right now is florals. this dress is a perfect example, dusty muted print, long sleeved mini, 100% vintage perfection. i styled it two ways, one ideally with the best marc by marc boots and one realistically in chucks. you can't work all night in 4 inch heels, at least i can't. i love how i found the perfect pink nail polish to match the flowers and i adore my fav. blind melon engraved lyric tag/dream catcher necklace.
sweater: mango (thanks mom), dress: vintage, tights: tabio (thanks guys), shoes: marc by marc jacobs/chucks, necklace: diy, polish: rimmel kick start


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Fabulous look! I love your dress and shoes

Anonymous said...

Mom says you're welcome! You look lovely in that floral dress, you did a great job updating it to today's look. Great nail polish choice. XOXOXO

Stephanie said...

^How cute is your mom?!! ♥
LOVE it both ways but especially with the chucks because i think the look really suits you :)

Love the polish and kinda un-fashion related but i LOVE the sheer curtains in your (bedroom?) and how your kitchen is BIG ;)


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC OUTFIT!! seriously, I really love it :)

Lainey said...

That dress looks so amazing on you! I too am becoming really obsessed with florals nowadays. Very chic.

maja said...

Oh my god, you are gorgeous. Your eyes and your smile, deeeear! And the dress, it is lovely. You really wear it perfectly

Marielle* said...

I love this outfit on you!
it really looks great, especially the tights are amazing & off courseeeee the dress wow!!

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