to shop or not to shop - topshop edition

my current topshop favourites.
should i take the plunge and put in my first online order?
does anyone have any of these pieces? review please.

i also wanted to say hello to the two lovelies that recognized me this week. hi jillian! and to the girl who came up to me on queen, i was very surprised and flattered with your kind words. you were so nice! this has only happened once before so i still find it kind of surreal when my real world and my blogging world intersect (not that i'm not the same in both, does this make sense?) Also the best of luck for all that have entered the contest, one more week until the draw!


Kitty said...

Great choices! I have had very good luck with ordering topshop online this year so i say go for it ;)

Mumbles said...

i could spend almost all my money at topshop
nice wishlist, really like those clothes too


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Great stuff!

A said...

Have the shirt... its brilliant. Buy. Now.
Peace and Love from San Francisco


Melinda said...


gih said...

That's a nice shoes. Perfect design for modelling.

Stephanie said...

is this what you ended up ordering?

LOVE the tee and the boots!!! xx

Jessie said...

I so wish I'd been at work to witness you being recognized! Love those boots damnit.