gypsies, tramps and thieves

i am so drawn to this gypsy/bohemian vibe in editorials. i came across this one featuring the lovely ruby aldridge from a french magazine. i'm not sure when or where it's from but the styling and clothing are really timeless. it's so much more about the emotion/vibe the clothes give then the trends they may or may not be following. gorgeous.


Annalee said...

I adore these images!

Stephanie said...

such a job well done on this editorial! looks seriously like it could be out of right out of the 70's. had it not been for ruby, i would have thought you scavenged a 70's editorial! lol!


Emily Bee said...

these photos are perfect.

your blog is lovely!

emily xx


K. said...

love love love ruby aldridge

elizabeth said...

this is what i want to do and wear all summer long!