vintage everything + the ugliest kitchen cabinets ever. this sweater is suppose to be a lot more cropped but it stretched out when i hand washed it. still, you get the idea i was trying to achieve with the layers. i love these mini cowboy boots. sometimes you can find the greatest things for 15$.
speaking of 15$ scores, i got an over-sized levis denim jacket thrifting today and i want to make it softer and more worn in, any tips besides wear it a lot, lol??
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Summer said...

1. Sand Them. A power sander would be best and save sore wrists, but good old fashioned hand sanding would work too.

2. Beat Them. Throw several pairs of clean sneakers in the dryer with your jacket and let them beat on the fabric.

3. Scrape Them. Turn them inside out and scrape the inside of the jacket with a scissors, then wash it to get rid of the fibers that build up.

Hope one of those works!

By the way, I was the one on Queen a couple of weeks back who said I like TNS.

Erica said...

cute sweater!!


Glamour Bbey. said...

Nice look!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, beat it with a bat or something.
For your t-shirts, to wear them out try sleeping in them, some of my oldest tops are nearly see-through from sleeping in them :D

Stephanie said...

a)your kitchen cabinets aren't ugly! i'm pretty sure mine are the same, but white..maybe yours are too but on my screen they look grey.

b) ...the kitchen aid blender-- i have one too! thank you, mom for the awesome hand me down lol! i love that guy! so handy.

c) this look is amazing on you and i love the ankle cowboy boots too. i'm so into vintage florals at the moment, even if i don't have any. lol. love the polish with this look too. and i really feel like this is something Sienna Miller would wear....and i love how you later your cropped tops, so inspiring since i can't pull off cropped tops to save my life! lol!

d) if i come to TO, we'll take your camera out photo-diarying ;)


Stephanie said...

...and to answer your questions I did take those pics myself with the tripod strategically placed ;) it was nice to lay down for pics lol!

outfit post with the ysl should go up today-- that shot was a teaser ;) mission accomplished i guess lol.

and i definitely get everything you were saying about the miu miu pieces. it's soooo epic, if you can score something amazing now, it would be amazing. i think i have to wait for a few seasons to roll by and the pieces to hit eBay even though im prob. gonna feel regret forever about not being able to get a piece now lol. you should get the dog print if you can-- it really suits you..or the swallows of course, but at this point, im not even sure which print is harder to come by-- and where the hell did this collection go, btw?! i feel like it was in and out of every retailer before anyone even knew it. like there were wait lists or something, and everything just sold instantly! not fair lol.
Also loved you UO wallet parallel-- you're so right. why didn't they do a zipper? if it had more heft to it, you'd prob feel like it was a more solid investment, as beyond fitting more in it, I think it would also hold up on the exterior more...or seemingly so at least. i get the delicate look they were going for with the clasp...but not the most practical style and with the collection being so amazing, that piece would be so standout! such a great thing to pull out of your bag! sighhhhh. le BIG sigh.... lol! so ya, don't get it. wait it out a little longer, i feel like you're doing so much persistent research that you're bound to find a piece of the collection that really makes it worth the wait!


Heini said...

Looking good!

Alexa said...

This is a really really great look! I need to score some vintage florals sometime soon as well!

dodz said...

is that the new fashion of northern people? i like it

hélène said...

I'm in love with that little skirt (or is it a dress? I guess so.. unless it's extremely high-waisted!) - very 90's ;)

ps i've definitely seen worse-looking cabinets in my day!

Have a great weekend :)

SogniSorrisi said...

What a cute outfit. Love the sweater.

stephanie said...

Congrats on getting the bbag!!!!! im soooooo happy for you and i can't wait to see it!!!!

and thanks for the ysl love :) i love that bag a lot...it's so perfect in size...everything fits, without it being oversized. im fed up of lugging around too big bags you can never find anything in.

i so know what you meant about the short issue! i don't know what happened-- last summer/fall the a wang dress was perfect and suddenly it's ass grazing. we're on the same page: it's def. an age thing. ive even had to unroll some of my cut-offs a little because i didn't feel they were age- appropriate now for the city. they're still perfect for the beach or road trips though :)

and thanks for posting one of the shots on your tumblr :) im blushing again...gush ;)
so frustrating about the colour though of the shots...i think we shot them too big and they had to be so compressed for the blog that they aren't as bright now. they're much better, offline.
did you see that i won $200 at aritzia?! so excited!!!!!! im def. calling your when i come to TO!

oh! and megan fox (your tumblr) is on the cover of UK harper's, i think it was, looking hot as hell. love her hotness lol!


Song of Style said...

is this a sweater over a dress look? I LOVE IT!

Clare said...

Oooh I love the cropped sweater! It's a delight.

tweet tweet tweet


kaitlyn said...

Use a cheese grater!

I've done this with jeans to get a designer distressed look for cheap... use both sides to get different textures.
Hope this helps!


PS. check out my blog I posted a new pair of shoes and I want your opinion!!!!! :)

Jessica said...

really pretty, i love your blog !
Just found it now ♥