9 crimes

gorgeous shots from one of my favourite combos.
i love the glamour in these. its almost like a hollywood life that's gone of the rails, a little wild.
morning beauty
kate moss by craig mcdeam
fashion gone rogue


Kasey said...

love love love the first one but love the shoes in the second one!

Stephanie said...

Kate looks amazing here, eh?!

I think the third shot is my favourite one.

Hope you're having a good weekend and that your amazing new tattoo is healing perfectly :)


Hélène Heath said...

I'm so crazy for that second shot, it's such a perfect blend of rock n roll moss (the liner and the nonchalance) and the femininity she exudes (all in white, the dainty eyelet and froufrou). Just gorgeous!

Hope you're having a good weekend darling :)


K. said...

So Cindy.... it's been nearly a month since we've seen any of your outfits. What gives?! ;)