pizza cats

i was reminded today that it's been quite a while since i posted a new outfit and i could give you a stream of excuses why, but really why not just get to the look instead.
i love the idea of pairing a sexy body con skirt with a loose tee, extra points if it's vintage. i think it tones down the look and makes it a lot more wearable/day appropriate. although this is also how i'd style a skirt like this for night too, i just feel a lot more myself when things are a bit messy or casual...
top: vintage, skirt: h&m, boots: marc by marc jacobs, monogram ring: sarahchloe.com


Stephanie said...

I totally agree with you: I always pair my body con skirts with loose tees or blouses. I rarely...possibly never do tight on tight.

I love the leopard skirt on you paired with that tee. and the polish and rings suit the look perfectly.
honestly? I thought you were Minka Kelly when i saw the first shot! :)

I haven't tried the timer thing...i don't have one and when i thought of using a kitchen timer, the thought of it going off would shock the hell out of her lol. I bought this small chew thing..it's like a flat version of those round microwavable pillows some people use-- you know those? and i just warm it up and put it in there. her whining gets a little better every night and i got a couple hours sleep last night...vs. like zero friday night. her whining is so high pitched. she honestly sounds like a duck. it's insane! and so nerve racking...but i try and ignore it and i think as every day goes by i'll get a little better at that and she'll whine a little less until she's fully adjusted. so sad for her...she's so tiny and scared. i feel bad but crating is so important to me as I really want her to know boundaries and to not have separation anxiety down the road. but she's a doll overall and people can seriously not believe she's real-- makes me laugh lol. too cute.


Anonymous said...

I love your leopard print skirt, I need to get myself one, and I love it with that t-shirt, you really do have one of the best t-shirt collections.

K. said...

Ah thank you haha... :) I've been really into personal style posts lately and I realized I hadn't seen too many from my favourite blogger in awhile. Kudos to you because this is a great one!
I love the third photo - stunning! And your polish and rings add a lot to the outfit. I've actually rarely paired tighter skirts with looser tops, due to prefering to having the attention drawn away from my thighs haha, but this is done so well I think I may have to mimic!
Thank you for giving me my fix ;)
Check out my blog if you have time... I've posted and improved a lot (I modestly believe) since the last time you stopped by.

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

woooow.... AMAZING look!!

Love it!! <3