current fashion obsession 11.05.10

i never been manolo obsessed, not even carrie bradshaw's worship of the brand had ever made me feel the need to own a pair, but lately things have changed. ashley olsen loves her manolos and she's been wearing two styles in particular that i can't get enough of. the bejeweled hangisi satin pumps that she has in gold and royal blue are to die for. they seem to go with any look, making it all together more covetable. they're like a vintage treasure that's been passed down, stunning. the fallo pumps are even more chic. their thin black straps that hug the foot, delicate but also very sexy. of course ash's are a special order with higher heels and a patent finish but a girl can dream.


Clare said...

Those shoes are gorgeous...

tweet tweet tweet


rouli said...

love her style!!!!!

both shoes are amazing!!!!!

different and classy!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, every girl shoud have a pair. So georgeous:)

Stephanie said...

I completely agree with everything you're saying about the manolos! the only pair i ever remember coveting was the silver pair Carrie wears with olive cargos/to a party in season 4? where she has to take them off and then loses them-- did you see that episode? it's funny. anyways...i love the vintage-marie antoinette feel of the hangisi pair and the fallo pumps too though the straps over the arch of my foot have never been a great look on me. There's another pair that she wore to an event in 08 i think it was--she was wearing a red dress with a blue scarf and the manolos were ankle strap sandals with rhinestones...or they were prob. Swarovski crystals on the toe strap and ankle strap-- do you know that pair?! i love them so much! and gojane.com had such a good replica of them at one point-- but sold out. that being said, im not even sure i could rock these pumps, because like my issue with louboutins, my feet are the furthest things from delicate and feminine so i have a hard time with narrow shoes and i get the feeling ashley has a very small, narrow foot.

and re: CM-- they haev SUCH good stuff now! I went to town with their shorts and got like three pairs incl. a pair of levis they re-issued and a really cool mesh scarf which im not sure what i will do with now, but it was too cool to pass up lol!


hélène said...

You're right, they totally have a vintage feel to them! They're both exquisite pairs.

Anonymous said...

love the bejeweled satin pumps, great color!