hot flashes

it's funny how this spring has worked out. these shots are from a few weeks back and between now and then it's been so warm i'd have been crazy to wear an outfit this bundled up. of course, this weekend it snowed, so i'm back to layering once again. scarfs to shorts to shearling coats.
this coat is one of my very favourite pieces so i'm not too mad it's cool enough to wear it again. i found it two winters ago at badlands vintage. in fact, i'm wearing something from all three of my favourtie vintage shops, the coat from badlands on ossignton, the boots from 69 vintage (so comfy i can actually walk a mile in these) on queen and the denim vest from sub rosa in the market.
coat: vintage, tee: urban outfitters, scarf: aerie, bag: marc by marc, jeans: ag, vest: vintage talbots, boots: vintage


stephanie said...

I love the scarf with this jacket and the marc by marc bag!

and so in love with that jacket! i've loved it since you first got it and it's still as amazing as ever!
not to mention that it will be so awesome with all the shearling numbers this fall!

I saw the rocco bag at holts this week--and thought of the email you sent me where you had asked me if id seen it and you're so right! im not sure if i liked it as much "live" but it's the shape that's amazing! i just don't know if it suits me...the studs on the bottom are soo heavy it's amazing. they had the bag in both textures, the pebbled one and the one that's slashed-- you know that texture? they made the Diego in it as well. i also saw a girl wearing the diego in beige on sunday and i almost died. i really want a black bag, but that diego is unreal! sold out everywhere in black though :( and holts also had a balenciaga city in black (but it was more like charcoal) with giant rose gold hardware: OMGODDDDDDDDDD i almost died! it's UNREALLLLL in that combo!


hélène said...

Love outfits composed almost entirely of vintage :) That coat is sick!! Basically, the whole look is great - effortless and chic. xxx

Lainey said...

I really love the scarf in the first outfit! Stripes are my everything right now, and you just look so good in it!

Emily Bee said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. Almost as much as I kove that jacket in this post. Jealoussssss xx


Jessica said...

awesome outfits! My favorite is the second one.
You're really pretty : )

zoë said...

nice jacket!

.sabo skirt. said...

Great layering and styling.

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xx .sabo skirt.


2moss said...

that jacket!!! omg! i want it!!!