green eyes

i'm loving mary kate's look over ashley here, but you can't deny ash's face. stunner.
can i borrow that jacket mk?


Stephanie said...

they both look gorgeous. totally agree about Ash's face-- gorgeous. and i love the looks of MK's bag.
Seriously though-- only Ashley could pull off the fit of this dress.
wonder what DY pieces they wore and scored at this store opening ;)


.sabo skirt. said...

Wow, loving the olsen's here.... amazing style..

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J said...

they always look so amazing..


melly said...

i cannot tell them apart on this pic!?

get the jacket, i wanna see it on you.

K. said...

Love Mk's hair in this one! I want hair like that.

I loved your video down below Cindy... you got some great buys (way back in March haha ;).. I LOVED the lace biker jacket you showed at the end. Makes me wish we had an H&M in Ottawa (I thought you lived in Vancouver, not Toronto for some reasons btw). I also got some fantastic pieces from Aritzia recently though, I'll be puttin 'em up on my blog in the next week so check it out! ;)

Photo said...

very post!mm olsen

Hippie Frou Frou said...

navy, i like!

jess s//

rouli said...

cooooooool both of them:))

love love love!!!!!

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F Blog said...

in loveeee with mk's look here. everything about it. want to have it ALLLL.

hélène said...

I think this is the first time that i like mk's look over Ashley's... Those Givenchy wedges!? OMGGGG lol

And i'm right there with you: Ashley's face is soooo striking. But seriously, i just couldn't think of anything else but Phoebe in friends when i saw that dress..