buttoned up

i took inspiration from miss alexa chung for this take on a preppie look. she loves to layer cardigans over button downs and i just adore the combo. the vintage rabbit vest adds a layer of warmth that really wasn't needed as it spent most of the day folded in my shopping bags. one of my favourite recent looks because i'm wearing some of my favourite things. my vintage eagle belt buckle, locket necklace, marc bag and boys polo plaid plus, it kind of reminds me of fall which is my favourite time of year. ****can you see the evidence of my er obsession, and springsteen and sienna gracing my walls.
cardi: zara, plaid: thrifted boys polo, belt/necklace/vest: vintage, boots: frye, skirt: american eagle, bag: marc by marc jacobs


SabinePsynopsis said...

That's one hot look, but I think it needs beautiful legs like yours to pull it off. You look great!

MONI said...

I love your looook! so cozy and perfect.

Thank for ur comment by the way, and yes that's me on the pic :-)



Unknown said...

i love the look here... your belt is one of my favorite things!

Stephanie said...

ok this look is amazing on you!! like it's made for you! I have a bevy of a&f jeans skirts stored up for when i decide to wear them again-- if ever, but you're seriously making the jean skirt seem so amazing! when usually i prefer jean shorts over skirts. I love that belt and the cardigan is just perfect in every way for layering over this look! And you wear the socks and boots so well. I honestly can't say enough how great this whole look is and how phenomenally well you pull it off!


LF said...

great look!! and that bag is so cute, seen the larger version and your little guy rocks just as hard!!

jess s//

JRA said...

Wowsa on the legs. WOWSA.

Cindy said...

emmelee and jra much love! you guys are too sweet.