it's a pirate's life

so my lovely friend jessie wants a balenciaga post, but i can't do that look without posting the couple outfits i have in queue first. so i'll try to get them all up by the end of the weekend, so she can see my newest fashion love early next week. let's begin, i'm wearing two of my favourite 2010 buys in this post. a fab. vintage geoffrey cat jacket and my much lusted after westwood boots. i talked about both in past fashion haul videos, but in case you don't watch my videos (you can check them out here) i'll give you some background. i found these boots for approx.. 500$ off the canadian price. they're were 3 pairs left in the store and only one in my size, eeek. uber find. they are the tall version with the back leather strap so they don't slouch as nicely as the original pirate boots and they are knee height. i got a couple extra holes put in each strap so they fall a bit and can be folder over, so iconic! they are very narrow so i had to get a half size bigger and thus they did kind of destroy my feet the first time i wore them all day but hopefully insoles will solve that problem.

a shout out to my lovely stylist charlotte who cut my hair today and made me look like bella. that's what i tell her when i go in, i want kristen stewart hair! pre-joan jett crop of course. parlour is the best hair salon in toronto! esp. when we get to gossip and talk about true blood the whole session.
jacket: vintage (ebay), hoodie: alternative apparel, top: wildfox, jeans: ag stilts, boots: westwood


D.STRAPPED said...

love the viv west boots !

i want the shorter version so bad.

she's fucking amazing.

check my shit out: http://dstrapped.blogspot.com/


leflassh. said...

your boots are so amazing.
in love!
+ that jacket is so sick.

Jessib said...

Hottest boots ever cindz!!!

stephanie said...

This outfit is soooo stellar! you look amazing!!! i love the pairing of that jacket with those boots: so fab!!!

and you apt shot on your tumblr is stunning: your living room space looks so cozy!

hélène said...

Cindy, you're looking quite fantastic! Love the pairing of the coat and the boots - now i don't know if it's cause of the viv westwood boots but there's something very british about this look ;) Speaking of the boots, that is one CRAZY find!! HEll ya!

Can't wait to see that "queue" ok looks you speak of ;) Oh and i really must get into true blood, i've heard such great things about the series. And i'm completely obsessed with their theme song, it's been like my number one tune on my roster since last summer lol


Jessie said...

Thanks Cindy! This post will keep me satisfied until your Balanciaga one. You look gorg in these photos--obviously. LOVE your boots and coat.

Lainey said...

Oooh, I absolutely adore those boots! I love the buckle detailing.

Rianna Bethany said...

the viv boots look amazing!
Great outfit
Rianna xxx

A and A said...

that vintage coat is SUPERB! looking brilliant and radiant...
peace and love from SF,
Amy and Alex

Anonymous said...

I adore your Westwood boots, I am beyond jealous. I stare wistfully at them in the Westwood shop in my city.
And you have such great vintage finds, raiding your wardrobe would be so cool.

Haleigh said...

wow wow wow I love your north style! not only is your outfit great (love the coats and boots especially) but your place looks cool too! I love the decor! so happy to have found your blog :-D

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in paris