the met

my met favourites. every year it's an overload of glamour and the most beautiful dresses. i loved leighton (in marc jacobs) and taylor, all bohemian and flowy . the ultimate 90's grunge slip dresses. leighton was perfectly styled. i adored the headpiece and the floral print, my runner up for best dressed. i thought taylor embodied a young drew barrymore in ralph lauren and i love the idea of that dress as a wedding gown. anne hathaway (in valentino) and camille belle make the list for perfect sweetheart necklines, my weakness. camille was especially stunning in jason wu, both at the gala in red and at the after party in green. stam had my #1 model look. i adored the dark purple colour of her rachel roy, her perfect gold jewels and how it hugged every curve. you don't have to show everything to be sexy, **cough** blake**:) + her hair and make up = flawless. i loved katy perry's light up cute circuit confection because it was fun and very true to her personal style. sometimes celebrities lose themselves in big gowns but katy rocked katy. finally, i wasn't disappointed by two of my favourite style icons kate bosworth and sienna miller. sienna looked so radiant in pucci with jude by her side, but i think kate's beaded retro inspired valentino dress was my top pick of the night.
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Stephanie said...

Kate B looked gorgeous and i loved the navy and plunging neckline on Sienna's dress. so in LOVE with Anne Hathaway's look even if i don't usually love those prinessy tulle numbers. i also really like Zoe Saldana's look and thought the MET had tons of great looks this year. and did you like Alexa's look? I thought it was really true to her everyday inherent style and i loved the burgundy pout. but initially i didn't like the look at all, it grew on me after a few glances lol.

and how CUTE are leighton and MJ?!!! and blake...she and her stylist's "event' taste kills me....not the most classy approach. I like Penn's suit though ;)


Casey said...

aww the MET is soo unique in its on going tradition! i love anne hathaways dress!

katy perry is adorable!

hélène said...

Leighton also looked completely amaaazing, i think her entire styling was brilliant and so so gorgeous. I didn't include her in my bet dressed feature cause she wasn't actually at the gala, but her party look was just so bloody fantastic!

Ha - and totally am with you on the Blake thing.. why does she always have to be so uncovered?! lol

Anyway, great choices :)

Oh and i almost forgot! I really laughed when i read your comment about going into the alley with your tripod but being embarrassed, cause i totally thought about doing that too, but i WAS too embarrassed lol I couldn't stop picturing my neighbors coming out and having to make small talk or avoid eye contact lol.

And i really hope that your sis is able to get you some miu miu stuff from Vegas :) If she does, you'll def have to tell us what. But you should keep your eyes peeled on ebay!


Anonymous said...

leighton looks beautiful!

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Lainey said...

Kate looks so stunning. My fave again from the met ball for sure! And i love that Leighton meester can still look so gorgeous even without any makeup.

holly x said...

I'm not particularly in love with Sienna's dress, but what I do like, is that she actually looks like she's having a good time despite the huge amount of cameras everywhere!
A lot of the other photos are blatant red carpet, blue steel smiles with a million pounds of PR chucked at it! But everyone does look absolutely beautiful- I think my favourite dress is the Jason Wu! As I am allergic to the colour, I have to take my hat off to anyone wearing red!
Great blog!