sneak preview...

preview of the new outfit post coming tomorrow. until then here's my newest fashion haul for march! filming april this weekend...


The Cheeky girl said...

hi ! i have your blog on my blogroll since i started mine and i love it !
it was great to receive some comments from you :)
Btw i love this video, i bought this top for a friend , its so great for summer !

hope to see you again


Stephanie said...

That hoodie looks amazing and i totally agree with you about the love pink bit, it always ends up being a compromise at VS. I want these 3/4 sweats so bad but they're sold out :(
and the sleep all day/party all night tee is amazing lol!

love the aritzia horse top for you-- great purchase and i just realized in my email i asked you if the CM top was the one you're wearing here...but this one isn't chambray...its plaid and im guessing, thrifted, right?! LOL. sorry!

I LOVE your eagle belt too and that bob seger tee!! Ebay? I need to get on that ASAP! If you find one, can you send me the link? I sort of feel like you're an ebay vintage bad tee pro ;)

did you see the erin wasson worthy necklaces at cm-- i don't really know how to explain them...long chains with tribal influences, it felt like.

and you didn't miss out by not getting the rosette dress, i loved it too initially but im kind of over it now.

OMG i love love that floral oversized tank and the fit sounds perfect!

and the lace biker jacket is also perfect for you! I loved the way you described it too-- so well said :)


hélène said...

Cindy - i always love your videos!! Espcially the monthly hauls ;) I kind of live vicariously through you cause i don't shop nearly as much and when i do i always end up getting shoes. It's a problem. lol

The standouts for me? The Bob Seger t, that flowered tank and the exquisite heard pendant (wear them together!!).
And i'm with Stephanie about that red dress from the garden collection - the type of piece that you get over pretty fast.

I love the colors of the plaid button down you're wearing. Vintage, i'm assuming?

Ps is there any way to make the volume louder for your next video?? Can't wait for the april one :)


Tere said...

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Good photos!!
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Mumbles said...

nice new clothes, really
they are so pretty, I love the floral tee, the striped one and the one you said it fits so good, I'm just wearing leggins and loose tees now
hope you're having a nice weekend

marley mumbles

Anonymous said...

I love those H&M t-shirts, always the comfiest and best fitting, and I love the burnout.
I have the biker jacket but in a beige linen from The Garden Collection, I went crazy over it.
I was going to get the red dress for my prom, but got the pale pink with the folds at the top instead, although I still love the red.

Love your video hauls, and I'll be showing my Burberry boots soon :D