falcon crest

i can't say enough about this top, all my favourite things + navy + the perfect shape.
do you all have any recent favourtie purchases? tell me about them.
top: urban outfitters, boots: steven by steve madden.


goodbyestockholm said...

I love the Western feel in the top and I think I can see the tattoo you told me about in the comments recently. That is such great idea for a tattoo. I wanna get one, but am thinking of a symbolic drawing of indian tribes or something. Fave purchases? My second hand poncho that I will show off on my blog soon. Too bad it's summer.

BTW, ur hair is gorgeous!

rouli said...

u look amazinnnn!!!!!

love ur tee!!!!!!

ur boots are so cool!



Liv said...

Super cute!!
I'm currently obsessed with this little ruffley black dress I bought with safety pins printed all over it. I have to force myself not to wear it every other day.

Unknown said...

Loving that print! And you totally tricked me - I thought it was a crop top ;)


Elena S. said...

love your entire outfit!
great blog btw ! lovely pics ive been following you for a while!
id love for you to check my blog out
and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

Becky said...

Love the shape of the top and the boots.

Mafalda said...

Love the shirt<3


Kara said...

love this look! the mini skirt + the oversized graphic tee is perfection!

fav new recent purchase? as if I haven't talked about them enough...but, my jeffrey campbell clogs! so comfy and great, i am wearing them with everything and i don't even care!! :)

Contact said...

i havent been to urban in a while, i need to scope it out again


2moss said...

wow!! you look sooo pretty! love that t-shirt a lot!

JRA said...

Outfit is lovely! And talk about a good hair day! Looks FAB-U-LUSS!

Hélène Heath said...

Cindy! Look at those legs! You look amazing. And that shirt is sooo you, making this look so effortless (plus it looks freakin comfy). Perfect summer getup. This is also what you should wear to the next rock concert you attend, just a thought :)

I'm actually currently obsessed with my newly acquired Elizabeth & James wedges! They'll show up on my blog at some point in the near future, no doubt.


I love Aria, Emily and Spencer. :)
I love your nails!


t said...

Cool top!


Eleanor said...

those BOOTS!!! i want them! :) http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com comment? FOLLOW? xxx

Emily said...

lusting those boots!!


bourgeois girl said...

love the tee!


J. said...

I love the top too!

Stephanie said...

sorry for the late comment! saw that you thought Topshop TO was a success! amazing! semi planning a long weekend with to TO in august.....love this look for you. the tee is perfect in fit and the print is so TNS!! love navy and black and those boots: they were a GREAT purchase!! xx

Sherrie Cola said...

Love the top