a life in pictures

massive tumblr update at true north loves.
this is a taste of the images that went up yesterday. i really hope you all check it out.
tumblr is where i post all the things that are close to my heart.


Justine @ Productrater said...

I LOVE that blue necklace!

D. STRAPPED said...




FashionBookmark said...

I have fallen for the blue necklace in the 2nd photo, the cardigan in the 3rd and look at Rosie Huntington Whiteley, so young and fresh. Beautiful dress.


Phuong said...

great pictures!

Michelle Elaine said...

How was I unaware that you had a tumblr!? Kicking myself in the butt right now...


Alexa said...

These pics made me want to be by the water!

C.Chico said...

i absolutely love the 3rd photo

Anonymous said...

wow, that necklace is stunning!

Stephanie said...

your tumblr update is amazing! and all of the pics so accurately represent your style and tastes :) I'm still trying to catch up on what you posted!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

lovely photos, very inspiring! xoxo

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Loving the necklace in the second image - partial to the " traveller" vibe :)

Monica said...

Wow I love that blue necklace, what a perfect compliment to a plain white tee.

Stephanie said...

OMG Toni Collette!!!! Do you watch United States of Tara?!! She's AMAZING in it!!! I would have died to meet her! I met JT this week and it ws pretty awesome-- he's so sweet, charming and good looking! I wasn't such a HUGE fan the way i learned very quickly most girls are lol! but meeting him kinda made me a fan :)

the tumblr flash vid upload just worked :) i just posted a video on the blog...of chloe ;)

btw- do you have any AA polishes? I really want Poppy and Rose Bowl but i hesitated getting them initially cause of the recall recently--- how long do they last if you have them?

and i haven't seen the Jake shots on the gossip sites...but im so curious LOL!!


Stephanie said...

and the alex wang kicks were in-store in NYC....i almost got them instead of the lanvins actually....it ws hilrious really i was running back nad forth between the 4th and 7th floors trying to decided which pair to get in like 10 minutes...because it was pouring and i had to high tail it to the airport.

my lanvins are gorgeous but soooo tight on the rushed bit right now that im really hoping they stretch out...but the leather is so soft and luxe i imagine it def. will.

the wangs are GORGeOus irl. not sure about how the back part fits...there was another pair: a peep toe wedge in blk, camel and denim blue with a zipper up the back and and ankle strap with large silver hardware that was tempting but honestly im glad i left with the lanvins cause i had my sights set on them for so long, the wangs would have been totally impulsive and i didn't have the time to make a proper decision about the fit and style.

oh and the diego was there in forest and it's such a gorgeous colour! such a FAB Wang selection at Barneys-- it;s unreal! i was like a kid in a candy store in there...didn't know where to look or what i wanted to buy lol~! Barneys is the best and the im SURE the shoe floor could make a shoe lover out of anyone! they have this INSANE selection! it's dream like! lol!


Stephanie said...

nd btw i love the polka dot romper here! and...lastly what i came back to comment on: can't believe that miu miu rain story! is it a curse?! LOL! you def. made the right choice not to bid on it....mine is so matte in the front now, i CAN'T imagine what suede looks like post-rain !!!!


Daphne said...

Lovely pictures. :)

rouli said...

amazinnnnnnnnn post!!!!!

so stylish and lovely looks!!!!!!!!!




Mafalda said...

Love the snake ring from the 6th picture<3


hélène said...

Such an inspirational series of photos, can't wait to go straight to your tumblr after this :) That necklace in the second photo is especially amazing!!! What a showstopping piece, my god!

And i know what you're saying about the bright lip and feeling weird in it.. i go through phases and i feel as though i would never wear it in the winter but for some reason, i feel like i pull it off during the summer.

As for Alexa's cfda look, you're right about the shoes murdering the entire look. I did love that dress originally on the mj runway, but i just thought the way she styled it was all kinds of geriatric. It just didn't feel like her usual fresh self. Stam looked phenomenal and ed westwick is always perfection..

K. said...

Love the necklace - just fabulous! Your tumblr account is so inspirational.

As if we're getting a Topshop in Toronto! Good to know I won't have to stock up too much over here (stupid weight restrictions!). But yes unfortunately some of their lines are quite pricy... I also just found out my city is getting an Urban Outfitters, so that's exciting news for me! ;)

That's so funny your boyfriend was in the first episode of Being Erica... is he an actor, then? I really enjoyed that show but I don't know if it's being continued.

I put up a new post - let me know what you think of my new purchase ;) Thanks, as always, for your comments!


Sarah said...

great selection! The necklace is to die for!! xx

Fashion wild said...


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Amazing, beautiful photos!! Who is that couple in the last picture? The girl is so pretty! xoxoxoxoo

Lane :) said...

<3 your pictures are stunning.

Clara said...

lovely pics
great blog!

kelly frances said...

these are lovely photos.. i especially like the cat eye sunglasses! i just stumbled upon your blog, i look forward to following!!

True North Style

elke said...

Love this!
and your blog, come visit mine?




Gorgeous post! Amazing photos!

Mumbles said...

how are you doing?
love all those photos, they're super nice
especially the one of the girl at the beach and the one below that
I didn't know you had another site
I'll take a look
hope you're having a nice week


Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of images!
I love the last one of Rosie, I've never seen that picture before. Adore her dress.


Krizia said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!
I really appreciate it!
Those pictures of Kurt Cobain are amazing.
He's one of my favourite musicians of all time!

Fé... said...

The necklace with the blue rock. I'm head over heels in love with it! Gosh! It's drop-dead gorgeous!